mysqldump error 1449


mysqldump error: 1449: The user specified as a definer (fixed)


It happend to me that I tried to make a dump of my database and this horrible error came up. The user definer was different for one of the views I had declared in the DB.  So, I decided to write it down on order to remember if this happens again or maybe it could help someone else.

First, check your views ot make sure what is going on.

SELECT table_catalog, table_schema, table_name, check_option, is_updatable, definer, security_type, character_set_client, collation_connection FROM information_schema.views;

In my case, there was created an unnecessary view, so I drop the view;

DROP VIEW my_view_name;

If you want to change the definer of the view that is causing problems, then, you need to change the definer:

UPDATE `mysql`.`proc` p SET definer = 'root@localhost' WHERE definer='root@foobar'

With this step, you need to be careful because it changes the definer for all the views of all the databases.

This link in might help as well. It explains some other things about this error.

Hope this help!


Parallax Scrolling Design


I just found this new way of design: Parallax Scrolling Design. It’s awesome the pages built with Parallax Scrolling Design. They look way too professional and very modern. This called to my mind when Flash appeared in the market like a revolutionary design tool. Everyone wanted a page build with Flash. Those pages where very pretty and at the same time heavy to load.

The same happened to me, when I saw Parallax Scrolling Design, I wanted a page build with this kind of design. I assume that this is not a new tendency and there may be a bunch of websites built with Parallax Scrolling Design. This kind of design is worth of many large companies and at the same time whoever can get a very nice Parallax Scrolling Design.

I leave you the Awwwards The CSS Awards link where you can look at the best Parallax Scrolling Designs and who is making it –20 best websites with parallax scrolling. Also, you can visit this web site 21 Examples of Parallax Scrolling in Web Design.

As for me, I will adventure myself in developing Parallax Scrolling Design. You are welcome to leave a message if you liked this post or if you want to make any questions or request.